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Dish latino telefono – Every year more and more number of people is using the cell phone in order to communicate. It ease of use, great user interface along with friendly plans from the mobile carrier companies make it an ideal choice to be used as a mode of communication. In this piece we will discuss about the best mobile phone brands and some popular mobile phone carriers.


Best Mobile phone brands

With over 75% of mobile phone sales worldwide turning out to be smartphones here are some of the most popular smartphone brands prevalent worldwide.

  • Samsung: With sales of over 450 million units made in year 2015 it continues to be one of most sought after mobile brands worldwide overtaking Apple to be number one brand by the end of 2015.
  • Apple: World’s second largest IT company by revenue after Apple and is valued at over 700 billion dollars. It enjoys high brand loyalty and has 453 retail stores spanning 16 countries. Sales of over 250 million units in 2015.
  • Microsoft mobile: Choosing the wrong operating system in the form of Windows over Android sounded like a death blow and its revenue hit an all-time low thereafter in many Asian countries. Acquired by Microsoft it shipped close to 160 million products in 2015.
  • Lenovo: Entered the smartphone market in 2012 and is the largest vendor of smartphones in China however, Europe is still a weak spot for them. Tie ups in the form of Lenovo+ (with Motorola) has helped in expanding its global audience with sales of over 100 million units every year.
  • Huawei: It has a great market in Latin America, Europe and Africa other than China the Honor branding has helped in gaining significant share in mid to high end smartphone segment. Has seen a steady growth in sales with over 20% growth noticed annually in 2015, with 80 million smartphone units shipped.


Best Mobile Phone Carriers – Dish latino telefono

Carriers are evaluated considering the state of the cellular industry every few months and pricing of the packages on offer to subscribers is kept as an important factor to determine the best of them. The most important parameter however, Is the quality of service they offer. Quality checks involve coverage area, reliability, down speeds for which RootMetrics scores are the ultimate standard. Here are the best:


Best Cellular Service Provider- Verizon

Verizon offers the most comprehensive and dependable connectivity that you can avail of. Experience the least number of dropped calls and extensive coverage in both urban and rural areas.


Best Family plan- T-Mobile

Purchasing a family plan over a two-year contract can be very pricey with deals offered anywhere in the region of 8000 dollars. T-Mobile, one of the most trusted mobile carriers with extensive coverage in over 12 countries offer prices in the region of 5000 dollars. Rural coverage is fairly decent and urban area coverage is great. Should you live in a rural area consider going for AT&T’s Cricket Wireless.


Best value for money service provider- Sprint

Coverage in rural areas is better than T-Mobile and the company has only one tier for individual lines. Deals start from 60 dollars for unlimited talk, text and 4G connectivity. Streaming HD videos may be an annoyance though with the transmission speed tests just crossing the 10 Mbps line.